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Current National Council activities examine two interrelated issues: regional resource planning and energy efficiency. Through funding from DOE and EPA, the National Council is implementing a work plan designed to:

  • Assess state authority in regional planning;
  • Develop tools and resources that could, if appropriate, be used to establish a framework for regional planning; and
  • Support state involvement in the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency.
These efforts will result in research and educational materials for state energy officials and policy-makers. The following sections provide details on current and planned National Council activities.

Current and Planned Activities

Monthly Policy Calls
The National Council continues to conduct monthly policy conference calls that are usually open to all interested parties. The next series of policy calls will focus on integrating energy efficiency and distributed generation into regional and state electricity planning.
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NCEP Update: A Monthly Newsletter
The National Council now provides a monthly "NCEP Update" to membership organizations and other interested parties. The "NCEP Update" provides a review of state and federal energy programs, publications and events to enable greater coordination and information sharing.
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Annual National Council Planning Meeting
The National Council conducts annual planning meetings that are designed to set the priorities for future activities and provide a forum for discussing controversial electricity issues affecting our membership.
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Coordination with the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency (EE Action Plan)
Several participants of the National Council are members of the EE Action Plan Leadership Group or officials observers. Marsha Smith, current NARUC President and public utility commissioner from Idaho, co-chairs the Leadership Group composed of service providers, and environmental/energy efficiency organizations. Other National Council members who participate in the Leadership Group include: Dub Taylor, current NASEO chair and director of the Texas State Energy Conservation Office; Larry Shirley, director of the North Carolina Energy office; Pat Oshie, Commissioner, WA Utilities and Transportation; Phyllis Reha Commissioner, MN Public Utilities Commission; and Jeanne Fox, President of the NJ Board of Public Utilities.

  • Currently the National Council is developing comments regarding the Year 3 Work Plan which was drafted by the EE Action Plan Leadership Group in January 2008.
  • Several National Council members are part of a working group for measuring progress under the newly released "Vision for 2025" document.

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The National Council develops periodic policy briefs and publications that examine aspects of state, federal and regional electricity policy issues. Several National Council documents are in the final stages of review and should be released by summer 2008. These documents include:

  • A Decision-makers Guide to Interstate Coordination on Transmission Siting
  • Energy Efficiency Policy Guides for State Officials
  • A Status Report on Demand Response Activities Related to EPAct 2005
  • Alternatives to Transmission Primer

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Work Group on Regional Electricity Planning
The National Council will assemble a working group comprised of participants from across its membership. The working group will meet regularly to develop: 1) A Summary of regional electricity planning activities 2) A set of action items for state officials to consider when developing regional planning approaches 3) An assessment of state electricity planning - a brief for governors and legislators.

Workshop on Regional Electricity Planning
In addition to policy reports, the National Council conducts national and regional workshops.
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National Outreach and Coordination Activities
The National Council Executive Director works with membership to improve the visibility of the National Council while supporting better coordination between federal and state energy programs. This is often accomplished through high-profile speaking engagements or participation in strategic initiatives.
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