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Recent Outreach Activities

On February 15, the NGA Center for Best Practice invited the National Council to provide substantive review of documents related to the NGA Clean Energy Future Initiative.

On February 6, 2008, Andrew Spahn participated in Energy Collaborative Analysis Initiative (ECAI) Leadership Committee meeting. Recently, the National Council was asked to serve a permanent member of ECAI leadership committee. The ECAI is a collaboration between federal and state officials and research organizations to identify opportunities to enhance collaboration on energy analysis - an effort that would ultimately inform and drive policy making.

On February 4, 2008, several members of the National Council participated in the NASEO Winter Conference. Larry Shirley, Director of NC Energy Office, moderated a panel on "Partnering to Advance Clean Energy Priorities". Speakers included Charles Gray, Executive Director of NARUC; Nancy Kruger, Deputy Director for NACAA; and Julie Rosenberg, Director of EPA's State and Local Branch within the Climate Protection Partnership. Immediately following that panel, Sue Gander, Director of NGA's Environment, Energy & Natural Resources Division, discussed the Governor's "Securing a Clean Energy Future Initiative".

On February 3, the National Council was invited to serve on the Advisory Group for the Second Annual Demand Response Symposium sponsored by PJM, Interconnection.

On Tuesday, January 29, 2008 members of the National Council participate in the State Energy Policies Analysis web forum. The event released the results from the first set of policies analyzed in the state policies analysis project. The webcast examined the impacts of EERS, RPS, and RFS on energy security, the environment, and economic development. Matthew Brown, member of the National Council Executive Secretariat, was the keynote presenter.

On January 10, 2008, National Council members participated in the EPA Clean Energy-Environment State Program Training Workshop to discuss key strategies with peers and provide input to EPA on upcoming needs and program direction. Dub Taylor, current NASEO chair and director of the Texas State Energy Conservation Office; Larry Shirley, director of the North Carolina Energy office; and Andrew Spahn, Executive Director of the National Council each participated in the invitation-only workshop. The workshop enabled members of EPA's Clean Energy-Environment State Program the opportunity to discuss: state successes and challenges, integrating climate and energy initiatives, meeting state energy goals, and communications strategies.


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