Bitcoin general info

If you want to leverage the power of bitcoins, you’ve come to the right place. We are your one stop shop for everything you wanted to know about the digital currency and playing safe at bitcoin casinos. Here is where you will find all the juicy information you need on bitcoin casinos, bonuses, making deposits and withdrawals, and a lot more.

Playing at bitcoin casinos allows you to benefit from speedier transactions and play in a secure environment. Players today look for more than an excellent range of games and live dealer tables. They are always on the lookout for casinos that offer convenient and faster payment options, and a secure gaming environment. That’s what you get at a bitcoin casino. Payments are processed much faster since bitcoins allow for peer to peer payments. So if you are ready to ‘cash’ in on all the benefits feel free to stick around and learn how to make the most playing at bitcoin casinos.

There is no reason to be intimidated by bitcoin gambling. It works similar to standard online casinos where the only difference is how the digital currency is handled. Our site is geared for those who are new to bitcoin gambling as well as those who may have extensive experience. What’s important is that you will find only credible information that can make you a better informed player. So if you are looking to gamble safely and enjoy speedy deposits and payouts, bitcoin casinos are just the right type of online casinos to look for.

Bitcoin casinos have experienced a phenomenal rise in memberships and not without good reason. Let’s look at how bitcoins work and how you can deposit and cash out funds from your account.

Getting started with bitcoins

Bitcoins are a hybrid asset that allows two people to transact without any third party involvement. The technology uses a decentralized peer to peer network to verify transactions. They are stored in what is known as a Bitcoin Wallet. You will find many of these wallets in the form of cloud based services such as Kraken, Coinbase, and Coinmotion. Bitcoins can be purchased from these sites. The exchange is approved by bitcoin miners, which is specialized software and hardware that is used to verify the authenticity of transactions.

Bitcoins can also be stored in software wallets such as and Electrum. These wallets are ideal for advanced users where the digital currency can be stored on their own computers. There are also advanced hardware wallets like Ledger that offer the highest level of security.

When you start out with bitcoins the first step is to purchase the digital currency from a bitcoin wallet such as Kraken, Coinbase or Cubits. Most casinos allow you to make purchases directly on their site using a credit card or bank wire transfer. You can also purchase bitcoins from individual sellers in the online marketplace and pay for them in any regular currency. In turn, you will receive the relevant number of bitcoins to your bitcoin wallet address. Our experts always recommend that you purchase sufficient bitcoins and not just the amount you want to wager initially since the digital currency has an excellent store value.

How much bitcoin do you need to play at bitcoin casinos

1 Bitcoin is approximately worth $650 but you don’t have to make a huge investment to play your favorite games at bitcoin casinos. While the exchange rate may seem intimidating and constantly fluctuates, the minimum deposit is typically around 1 mBTC or $0.65c. You can wager in fractions as small as 0.1 mBTC or $0.06 on variants of roulette and blackjack and even lesser for slot machines.

For the most part, when it comes to bitcoin gambling the amount of money you need will depend on the game, your strategy, the duration, and the maximum and minimum bets for the table. mBTC is popular since it can be easily equated with currency amounts and is about the closest thing to a dollar amount.

Benefits of using bitcoins at casinos

There are numerous benefits of bitcoin gambling and this is evident from the increasing number of players to be found at bitcoin casinos. To begin with, transactions are processed in real time, which allos for speedy deposits and payouts. In addition, there is a minimal fee, or in many cases, no transaction fee involved. This is also one of the reasons why you will find some incredible odds at bitcoin casinos.

Bitcoin casinos allow you to play with a great deal of anonymity. Users do not have to disclose any personal details since transactions work on bitcoin wallet addresses only. This is the ideal way to avoid identity theft.

Like regular casinos, bitcoin casinos offers users a wide range of casino games that include slots, table games, video poker, and more. In addition, anyone who wants to boost their bankroll and increase the number of bitcoins they own will find some great opportunities at bitcoin casinos in the form of huge payouts, reload bonuses, and much more.

Bitcoin casinos are certified provably fair where players have the chance to verify if the casino they are playing at does not have control over the outcome of each bet. These casinos feature an in-built tool that allows players to determine that the outcome of a game is derived from random numbers and that these numbers cannot be tampered with. Our experts only recommend provably fair casinos.

Depositing and cashing out winnings from a bitcoin casino

One of the major reasons why players choose bitcoin casinos is because of the speed at which they can make deposits and withdraw winnings. Bitcoins also allow for secure transactions. To deposit funds in your casino account all you need is your bitcoin wallet address. Enter the address in the cashier section and the amount you wish to deposit in your casino account, and your request will be processed instantly. All transactions are protected by an algorithm that verifies their integrity. Most casinos have links on their site to allow members to purchase bitcoins directly.

Cashing out at a bitcoin casino is also easy. Simply place a withdrawal request in the withdrawal tab and enter the amount along with your bitcoin wallet address. The funds will be transferred on confirmation.